Data Analytics Services & Solutions

Today businesses worldwide have adopted analytics as a strategic tool to gain insights to make better business decisions. Analytics harnesses the power of data using applied mathematics, statistics, computer programming, and predictive modeling. Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence have made storing and handling big data effortlessly. Braithrowe offers data analytics solutions that can uncover patterns, discover trends and relationships to predict outcomes, and automate business decisions by successfully incorporating cutting-edge technologies.

Data Analytics Solutions Includes but not limited to:

  • Data Management
    • We understand the challenges in managing the burgeoning data of organizations saved in various formats. Hence we have devised big data management strategies that support data discovery and collaborative management of both structured and unstructured data. Our big data architecture ensures easy accessibility of quality data for analytics applications.
  • Data Collection
    • For organizations that need to collate data provided by a variety of connected devices, we offer our analytics solution with the internet of things technology. This allows companies to collect, store and analyze data with minimal human intervention thereby enabling better operations, improved decision making, and enhanced productivity.
  • Business Intelligence
    • Implementation of our business intelligence and analytics suite will enable organizations to collect both historical and current data to convert them into meaningful knowledge and intelligence. This will pave the way for actionable insights ensuring fact-based business decisions. Business intelligence tools support the generation of reports and charts for easy viewing of results.
  • Automation
    • Although automation cannot render a data scientist redundant, many repetitive low-level tasks can benefit from automation. Our analytics can efficiently automate tasks like data cleaning, model building and trends identification improving operational efficiency.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    • To extract more value out of your data our analytics solutions rely on machine learning capabilities of artificial intelligence which can process a very large volume of data without compromising speed, to identify patterns and make accurate predictions. Our analytics solution can unify data from various sources and platforms for seamless analytics support.
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